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Ringing 2 or 3 Times a day never answer but getting really annoyed now as happening at all different hours of the day. Heard off someone it Egypt no. Thought +203 was north America. Any how wherever they are calling from its wearing thin and before long I will answer it and give them a mouthful. Only reason haven't is because people telling not to answer as scam.
Unknown Nuisance
the same number called me and asked me to confirm my Post Code and saying that this is for British housing survey.I donn't know where they are getting poeple's phone numers and disturb people at any time.I'm giving this number to Police and trace'm up and punish the intruders and I'm NOT jocking.
Unknown Neutral
I am also starting to recieve these calls on this number,. Recently bought a new phone car phone warehouse as well. They must be passing on info as they knew my name. Ist said were a uk water company when quizzed very evaisive and would not reveal what they wanted. Told them not interested and put the phone down.
Unknown Nuisance
this number has rung 5 time tonight 27/02/14, rung back man answered l asked way was he ringing his answer was he did not ring that he had only just got in and that there must be something wrong with my phone but they still phoned back half hour later
Unknown Nuisance
Some SCAM.

Claims to be doing a poll for British Housing Department (no such thing!) and proceeds to ask questions about Car, Phone provider, favourite holiday, etc. All very strange but definitely not legitimate!
Unknown Negative
Luckily I didn't get to the phone in time. No doubt some scam or other
Unknown Neutral
constantly ringing my landline and when I answer they do not answer for a few seconds so I hang up sometimes it only rings twice and then it stops, nuisance calls indeed
Unknown Nuisance
Dead line, keep phoning, getting really annoying now...
Unknown Nuisance
I received a call from this number stating it was a National Poll and would take 60 second. They gave me a post code and asked me confirm this. It is not my post code so I stated it was not the correct post code. They wanted me to confirm my postal address and post code, which I declined to do. The person then got aggressive on the phone stating they needed me to confirm this as they were trying to find the person who was named as the holder of the phone.I pointed out that I was not the person and the post code they had given me was incorrect so I was clearly not the person they were looking for. He persisted stating he needed my post code, as which point I stated I was not willing to give this to him and hung up.
Unknown Nuisance
I have received calls to my mobile from this number and got quite cross with one who said he was only doing a survey, The second time they called I went alsong with them for several minutes giving them a total load of rubbish then after quite a while I said I wasn't answering anymore questions. The man got really cross with me saying why had I agreed to answer their questions to which I answered because you said it would only take a minute and you have now taken at least 4 minutes. I haven't heard from them again ! If you cost them time and money they will soon stop.
Survey Nuisance
Had a call from them asking for me by name to do survey on this number also on +20 3 630 0273. When I declined he said that it would only take a minute and was very persistent to which I hang up.
Comes up as Alexandria Egypt.
Unknown Nuisance