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keep getting pestering calls from this number, i do not answer just decline the call.
Unknown Nuisance
I've had 3 calls from this number in 1 day and when I try to dial back it says that the number is invalid. From the comments I've read it seems to be related to Vanquis credit cards but I've applied for no such card.
Unknown Neutral
Worried as they had my bank details aswell but then how did they get that it's smart credit card
Unknown Neutral
I had several calls from this number after applying for a Vanquis credit card. I couldn't understand a word the lady said so politely told her no thank you. What worried me was she said she had all my details in front of her yet i ticked the box not to release my details to other parties when applying for the credit card.
Unknown Negative
hi ive had this number call few times reading the comments someone who applies for vanquis credit card got same thing this started since i applied for vanquis credit card plus a shit load of text messaging from variouse credit card companies
Unknown Nuisance
have had several calls from this number. I have not answered as I didn't recognise the number and was shocked to find out the number came from Egypt. Don't know who they are or what they want but I'm assuming it's some kind of scam
Unknown Negative
Thais number has been calling me for a few days, when I answered today they said it because I have recently applied for a credit card. I did apply for one with vanquish bank and got approved (speaking directly to them). This caller knew my name and said I could qualify for another credit card (I didn't ask the company name) but I just said not interested as it appears ins a number from Egypt. Very odd.
Unknown Nuisance
This number has contacted me over 7 times In 2 days and when I answer someone is on the line but doesn't talk. When I call it back the number doesn't exist.
Unknown Neutral
This number has rang my mobile 3 times this month and when I answer nobody is there. I have tried calling it back from a landline but it doesn't ring. I will ignore it next time
Unknown Neutral