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I had a call from this number at 1AM not happy!!!
Unknown Nuisance
Supposedly a Government announcement advising of a refund due from either Barclays, Lloyds, etc. This family have no connection to any of the banks mentioned so how come the Government is supposedly allowing this to go on. TPS appear to be next to useless in stopping these calls! It's about time TPS acquired some " teeth" and make registration with them worth while!!!!!
Unknown Nuisance
Caller purports to be Lloyds Bank with regard to your refund Dial 5
Unknown Negative
I have received a call from this number, leaving a recorded message about being entitled to a refund. However, as they do not give their name or contact details, I have no intention of pressing either the button to claim the refund or the button to stop receiving these calls! A reputable company would give names and contact details. I am registered with TPF but they seemingly can do nothing unless I obtain that information...and to get it, I would have to respond to the unknown caller...which I don't wish to do! These calls are a real nuisance, as are the ones which simply come up as 'international' - again, it seems TPS can do nothing about them.
Unknown Nuisance
I've had several unsolicited calls from this number. A recorded message starts saying something about Lloyds, Barclays, etc, so I usually hang up without listening to more. I think it's possibly about PPI claims. I am registered with the telephone preference service to NOT receive marketing calls. I particularly resent and object to being called by computers and recorded voices so that I cannot tell them what i think of them! I certainly don't press buttons as requested in the message as you never know if that could mean you incur call charges. How can we get these calls stopped?
Unknown Nuisance